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I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer with over nine years of experience in digital and print design. My career has taken me around the world where I have worked for agencies, in-house teams and as a freelance designer for a wide range of companies. What I love about design is that it’s not just my work; I see patterns and aesthetics in everything I do and by being a designer, I get to share my interpretation of the world.



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HHow I work

Strategic direction

Before jumping into a new project, I take the time to listen to the client, review creative briefs and ask important questions to learn more about the industry, competition, goals, etc. Then I start researching, mind-mapping and sketching. I like to explore a wide-range of options before zeroing in on a potential strategic direction.

Creative solutions

By knowing my limitations and using my network of developers and artists, I’m able to find creative solutions no matter how complex the project is. I also allow flexibility so I’m not restrained by the original direction and I keep an open dialogue with the client throughout the entire process so that the final product will hopefully exceed the initial objective.

Infinite design

I approach every design project with the mindset of finding solutions that hold up to the test of time and outlast any current design trends. This is achieved by honing in on what is important to the client and the end user on a fundamental level. I strive to provide excellent craftsmanship on every design project and I do it with energy and enthusiasm.


Below you’ll find examples of my work, which include logo marks, print design and digital design and development. I’ve designed everything from toy boxes to corporate responsibility books to animated splash ads. When I’m not in front of my computer working on a project, I’m finding ways to be creative in any way I can. Have a look at my work and feel free to reach out if you want to discuss a future project.


Dr. Caroline Austin
Assistant Professor of Marketing at Montana State University

"Ryan is a pleasure to work with — he’s really smart and creative, he’s conscientious about communication, meetings and deadlines, and on top of all that, he’s a genuinely nice person who’s fun to spend time with. I first met him as my student, and have subsequently worked with him as a close collaborator on a long-term documentary film. He helped with logistics & research, with still and video photography, and with all the graphic design for the promotional materials and packaging. When I couldn’t attend the premiere of the film, I asked Ryan to go in my place, since I knew he had the knowledge and poise to represent what we had done. I’ll hire him again when I get the chance!"

Melissa Sommerville
Founder of Hike Bozeman

"Ryan is not only a gifted artist, he’s a good person. He worked on two projects for me during his senior year at Montana State University; his portfolio and professional manner were already impressive. He listens carefully and offers thoughtful suggestions, is very patient, and in a short time transformed the rough concepts rattling about in my head into several stunning graphics."

Matthew Barbour
Owner of Black Rhino Ventures

"Thank you for the excellent work on my brochure and logo. I knew that giving you creative license would result in the best possible product. So many in your industry fail to listen to their client’s needs but you were different. The fact that you nailed the brochure in one take is extraordinary. I have often needed 3 options and countless revisions to achieve the result that I received from you in one. Thank you for an expediency that is often lacking as well. Far too often, schedules suffer to creativity but your approach was a perfect combination of the two. I can’t say enough about your services and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

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