I'm Ryan Bone, a designer in New York City with more than ten years of experience in digital and print design. My career has taken me around the world where I’ve worked at agencies, on in-house teams, and as a freelance designer with the aim to invoke the courage to take risks and create unique experiences through provocative design. Below you’ll find examples of my work that range from campaigns to web design. Please reach out if you like what you see below and want to discuss a future project.


Brent Wilson

Executive Creative Director at AHA

"If there’s one thing I know about Ryan Bone is that he will figure it out. I saw it happen a dozen times while working with him at AHA. Animation? Video editing? Front-end programming? The latest tricks for Adobe? Check, check, check and check. Ryan has a voracious appetite for self-directed learning. He’ll then take that learning and apply it to work, whether it fits inside the workday or it means burning a late night. The other thing I know about Ryan is that he wants to do great work. He’s a champion for it. I can always count on Ryan to bring unexpected ideas to any opportunity. Those two qualities combined provide the potential for doing some truly great work."

Luke Rolka

Creative Director at Exterro

"Ryan is a dedicated and professional designer who brings to the table a passion for discovering new ways of communicating concepts visually through both digital and print mediums. During a recent large corporate branding refresh and website launch, Ryan supported project execution in a high-pressure environment with the same consistently positive attitude, collaborative spirit and sense of adventure he brought to all of his projects, contributing to a successful rollout."

Pamela Feihn

Senior Creative Director at AHA

"Loved working with Ryan. He's a very talented designer with an innovative spirit. Always pushing the edge, learning something new, and bringing good ideas to the table. I relied on him to bring in other cultural influences to our creative process too--art, photography, music. Ryan's not just a one-note kind of guy, he's a true creative thinker."

Melissa Dalluhn

Creative Director at AHA

"Ryan is an excellent designer who is always searching for new ways of thinking. He doesn’t stop at learning new skills—he shares them and encourages those around him to try them out. Simply put, his enthusiasm is infectious—he’s just the kind of designer who is a great addition to any project. His intense curiosity, flexibility, and desire to bring fresh and exciting ideas to the table made him an invaluable to us, and would make him a great addition to any creative team."

Jenna Lange

Founder and President at Lange International

"Ryan was incredible at crafting and implementing a new look and experience for my online presence. I was impressed by Ryan’s ability to create a site that embodied my character and personality to set us apart from our competition. Ryan proved to be an invaluable resource for everything online and I would recommend his creativity, strategic insight, and drive to find the best possible solution."

Scott M. Malloy

Director at Gallatin Mental Health

"As the director of a non profit organization in Bozeman I worked with Ryan to develop our organizations web-site and highly recommend his work. Ryan was very conscientious about what our organization was trying to achieve with the web-site and let his creativity mesh with our various demands. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the final product."

Kari Newhouse

Web Developer at AHA

"Ryan is one of the most prolific designers I know. You ask for one design idea he will give you ten amazing ones to chose from. Whether he's working on a design, using animation software or writing code, Ryan is enthusiastic and is always there to help the team. The first one to find the coolest, newest tools and trends, you always are in the know when you work near him. Besides being a skilled designer, he is also a blast to work with."

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